Over the past few years, Gulberg Islamabad came up with the model society for community looking for a great lifestyle. The urge for a better living standard has attracted people extensively towards Gulberg Islamabad.

Talking about attraction, what makes Gulberg attractive? First the location, as its distance from Old Airport chowk is about 3 KM and it is about 11 KM from Islamabad Club.

During my visit to Gulberg Islamabad, I witnessed all that contributes to a successful society. Real estate is not only about selling plots and making big sales, rather its about giving the best experience of living a standard life in all means. Standard residential facilities, experienced and committed staff and all such features contributed in making Gulberg Islamabad a successful society.

Furthermore, Gulberg Residencia lifestyle totally new concepts and innovative ideas have contributed a lot to the elegance of Gulberg Islamabad. A beautiful bridge is constructed upon international standards with the collaboration of a Turkish architect , named upon his name i.e Javed Noor Bridge.  With its innovative way of construction and development, it has brought out numerous brilliant projects.

The best part is International and major eateries like Coffee Planet, Chaye Khana and Round Table Café have opened in Gulberg Islamabad. Alluring parks, Gulberg Golf Course, Gulberg Sports Complex and Club adds to the glory of Gulberg Islamabad.

International and influential schools like Roots School International and Froebels International School have started constructing their branches in Gulberg Islamabad . It shows how strongly Gulberg Islamabad cares about the living standards of its residents.

Moreover, Gulberg Greens composed of farmhouses of 4,5,10 kanal plots is a dream project that many people wish for.

In short, for a common man,Gulberg Residencia lifestyle is a hope of ever getting a state-of-the-art and convenient residence. One may find such exclusive projects in foreign countries but getting one in their own homeland is amazing. A luxurious place to live, and a lucrative opportunity for investment, Gulberg Islamabad is setting new standards of quality.

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