What Makes Gulberg Better?

Housing Societies in Pakistan

Housing societies in Pakistan started developing in the last few years. Before that, there has been just a concept of a fully developed housing society, with no ground implementation. But in the last few years, there is a great hype in the presence of the housing societies and people in bulk are being attracted towards these societies. Personally, if I would ever think to build my own house, I would go specifically for a housing society, then to buy a land anywhere in the city, and my preferences in the housing societies would be Gulberg Islamabad. And yes, I have some very strong reasons to make this choice. Let me write my reasons for you. Let’s see how much do you agree with me.

Security comes first

No matter how luxurious your living is, if you are not secure, the luxury isn’t worth it. Gulberg Islamabad is a fully walled and gated society, with its own force of security of security guards and security mobiles. CCTV cameras have been installed in the entire society to safeguard the residents. This is one of the biggest reasons why a large number of people are attracted by the housing societies.

Gulberg Islamabad’s high alert security system makes it even more attractive and appealing to the people as the security mobiles keep roaming around the society. As per my personal experience, I once was taking some photographs in the society of the beautiful scenery. Not only this but in a less than 30 mins, 5 security guards, and 2 security mobiles stopped by me to ask me about my purpose of taking photographs, saw my CNIC, and one guard didn’t even get satisfied by the CNIC and my words, and kept on observing me from a distance till the time I left. I found it a very secure place to live after my that experience. Unbelievable, right?  

We are not expensive

A dream of buying a land in the CDA sectors often remains a dream for many of us, as it is a way more expensive than our imaginations. Unless you are not super wealthy, you cannot simply buy a land in Islamabad. Harsh, but true. Well, first of all, why would you like to buy a land in Islamabad and build a house there? There are multiple answers to this question.

One, because it’s the capital, so it’s the business hub, or maybe because it has all the good educational institutions and you see your child’s better future here, or it offers a lavish life because it’s the capital of your country, or because despite providing all the basic life facilities and the luxuries, it is enriched with the natural beauty, the dense forests, the moderate weather and the breathtaking sites. And if your wishes are too high, the city makes sure to make you pay the highest for it.

But, Gulberg Islamabad is making a difference. Within the premises of the capital, Gulberg Islamabad provides you with the rates as low as you can just dream of. The prices of land in Gulberg Islamabad are twice as cheaper to that in the CDA sectors of Islamabad. And yes, Gulberg Islamabad and the CDA sectors of Islamabad have almost all the same facilities provided to the residents. We believe in making your dreams come true. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and to spend your life the way you want and  always dreamt of.

It’s not just society, it’s a lifestyle

Life in the twin cities is very congested. Like the majority of ancient cities that are now part of present-day Pakistan, Rawalpindi contains areas that are hundreds of years old, and so is the architecture. These areas were not urbanized to provide accommodations for a large population. That means, NO PRIVACY. So, what most of the people decide to do is, to move towards Islamabad. But again, buying a land in Islamabad to build your house may cost you a kidney, or even more.

When the idea of building Gulberg Islamabad took birth, the first thing that came to the developers’ mind was to cope up with this situation. They wanted to give you SPACE. So that’s how they planned it. No congested houses, no congested streets, even the roads are stress-free (that’s what a signal free road provides you). In addition, a club, a mega shopping mall, sports complex, a lake, schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial and corporate centers, in short, it’s a city within a city.

Basic Amenities of Life

Since housing societies are modern developments they usually provide residents with all the basic amenities of life that include electricity, water, and gas supply along with a proper sewage system. Due to this, the basic facilities are provided on an uneven bases and are poorly maintained. In contrast, housing societies are clean, well maintained and provides good living options for residents.

That’s what my observations about Gulberg Islamabad. You should also visit the society and tell us about your observations in the comment section. Let’s see if we think on the common grounds or not.

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