The Importance of Healthy Active Living

These days good health is the biggest concern for both adults and children. Healthy living is not only the most important issue but, also an alarming one. Children and adults are not getting as physical activity as they used to in the past which is leading to health conditions like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and many more. Gulberg Islamabad promotes healthy and active living which is why Gulberg Islamabad is providing its residents with various recreational facilities to encourage the residents to stay active and healthy.

Being active reduces the risk of serious health conditions

Chronic health issues are very common when it comes to unhealthy living practices. Cholesterol problems, heart problems, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, and many more. It is important to be active in order to reduce the risk of serious health issues. For this to be possible you should have access to facilities like gyms and sports areas that can allow you to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gulberg Islamabad has kept the health of its residents in mind and has created a sports complex that covers an area of 500 canals, for both indoor and outdoor sports. This will provide a convenient and pleasant space for the residents of Gulberg Islamabad.

Reduces stress

Stress is a part of almost everyone’s life. You could be stressed because of school, work, house problems, or even the traffic. Being active allows you to reduce your stress as it calms the mind. Not only does active living help with stress, but it also regulates sleep and helps with sleep patterns. Just taking a walk at a nice peaceful place can relax a person. Keeping this in mind Gulberg Islamabad has planned on creating a Marina walk; a long walking/jogging track around the Gulberg Lake which is surrounded by greenery. This Marina walk is going to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for it’s residents and their children, as that they can come here and distress.

Lifts mood and productiveness

Being healthy helps lift a persons mood and productivity.  The Gulberg Club will consist of recreational activities that will help residents be active. You can visit the Gulberg Club, use our well-equipped gym, socialize, and then get back to your daily schedule. This will not only keep you active but also boost you mood and productivity.

Helps reduce weight

Obesity is a common problem yet, a very dangerous one. Obesity is a problem that leads to all other health conditions. The only cure for it is to be healthy and active. The wide road network of Gulberg Islamabad allows children and adults to ride their bicycles without the cars interrupting them. Gulberg Islamabad encourages a healthy and active lifestyle especially for children, as it provides fully equipped indoor and outdoor sports compounds. The residents can engage in sports activities with their children at the Gulberg sports complex. This will not only keep your child healthy and active but also you .

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