Whom to trust whom not to?. Especially when it comes to investments, I think making decisions in this regard are harder than that lifetime effort made to earn that heavy amount. For instance me, who had been saving up for a decade now but took me more than three years to gain confidence enough to […]


Isn’t it hell of a confusion to decide which society is the best! These days too many new residence societies are emerging and everyone claims to be the best. Other than few famous names such as Bahria Town and GULBERG, we can’t really rely on anyone… can we? So many fraud examples are there to […]

My Encounter with a Real Estate Agent

Today, thanks to the education and awareness, women believe there is nothing on earth they can’t do, well… try dealing with an ignorant person without him staring at you top to bottom, as if you are sitting naked just for his entertainment. Seems relatable doesn’t it? That’s not it, my encounter with the goof I’m […]

Life at Gulberg Residencia

Indeed, it was one of the best decisions of my life… we can’t regret the fact that our environment has a great influence on us. In other words, if we can’t adjust in our surrounding, nothing else can make us happy, neither money nor luxury. On the other hand, peace of mind in this fast […]

Life in a Farmhouse – A Dream Come True

A life in a farmhouse where there is plenty of greenery. Where I can grow organic crops and where I have ample of space for pets and farm animals seemed impossible for a city girl like me. Again since I’m used to the city life I thought living in distant areas away from modern living, […]

Don’t Be Late! With Wise Investment, Your Future is Great

Invest in Islamabad Islamabad, the amazing city of Pakistan, is full of various opportunities to attract investors. The recent on-going projects have made Islamabad a productive and secure investment. Moreover, the New Islamabad International Airport project is appealing travelers and foreign investors attracted by the accessibility. The housing projects which are under major development are […]

Investment in Pakistan’s Housing and Construction Sector

 Investment in Pakistan’s Housing and Construction Sector Though the process of investment in real estate of Pakistan lethargic and slow and takes months to be completed but foreigners are show interest in starting business here. Why Investment in Pakistan is Beneficial 55 percent of Pakistan’s population is below 19 years of age which portends well […]

Seller’s Market vs. Buyer’s Market

Seller’s Market vs. Buyer’s Market: Understanding the Difference   Real estate is property comprising of land, the structures on it, and any common assets inside the property limits i.e.; water and yields and so on. Gulberg Real Estate can be categorized into four types: residential, commercial, industrial, and land. The gulberg real estate market is […]


Over the past few years, Gulberg Islamabad came up with the model society for community looking for a great lifestyle. The urge for a better living standard has attracted people extensively towards Gulberg Islamabad. Talking about attraction, what makes Gulberg attractive? First the location, as its distance from Old Airport chowk is about 3 KM […]