New and Upscale eateries in Gulberg Islamabad are waiting to mesmerize your taste buds

We as a culture are simple foodies and connect very well with all the varieties of food. As a very social nation for most of us we usually understand the term ‘hanging out’ also in the context of eating out.  Gulberg Islamabad although a new society within the capital is welcoming many such food outlets local and international to its premises. Pizza Hut, Subway, Niddo’s, Chaye Khana, Coffee Planet, McDonald’s and many more. These few above mentioned have already signed an MOU with the society and many others have decided to launch their outlets soon in the green serene society of Gulberg Islamabad.
Subway an International food chain:

Whenever we think of eating out, usually we prefer eating something light affordable and just appropriately spicy according to our taste and in this Subway just does the right job. Subway is a healthy option as long as you choose the correct sauces and the bread. It is a top choice for all the offices in Gulberg Islamabad and especially a top choice for people who are a little diet conscious. It is healthy, happening and available in Gulberg Islamabad next to the Attock Petrol pump.

Pizza Hut another International food chain:

Well, Pizza hut I guess needs no introduction. It has been our favorite as it was a very solid part of our growing up. And so everybody is excited about its opening here at Gulberg Islamabad. Prepared with new flavors and new deals, the interesting thing, is that you are not only going to find a whole other kind of Pizza but also a million different ways to serve chicken – from chicken pepperoni to chicken meatballs. It is situated right next to Subway and the Attock petrol pump.

Niddoo’s, a local café:

A year or two back Niddoo’s made its way into Gulberg Islamabad and luckily Gulberg is the only blessed society to have Niddoo’s only outlet in its commercial complex, the Business Park. Niddoo is serving almost every office and every house present in Gulberg, with the best of appetizers and fast food. This little place has a great menu, great taste, heavy serving size and one must say a very pretty presentation.

Coffee Planet – Coffee Café:

It is just about to land in Gulberg Greens Coffee Planet opens another outlet in Islamabad. Coming soon on the 24th March 2019 so let’s wait for what coffee planet has planned for our taste buds.

Chaye Khana – Cafe:

The idea of a doodh patti in the evening, the Peshawari Kehwa after dinner, and of course, the morning cup of tea to wake us up. This is what Chaye Khana is all about; this is the benchmark of Chaye’s hospitality. They take delight in serving cup after a cup of steaming tea to their customers. Also they serve a carefully selected menu of snacks that are the perfect accompaniment to the tea. It is a classic tea house and much more. One of the best collections of tea and parathas are highly recommended. It is Coming Soon to One Piccadilly only in Gulberg Islamabad.

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