My First Real Estate Investment

When I was 25 years old, I made my first ever real estate investment at GULBERG ISLAMABAD. It was a 5 Marla plot in the fast developing RESIDENCIAL area in AA block.
Located in the heart of twin cities, Islamabad Express Highway in CDA zone 4 and CDA zone 5. Developed according to the modern design and offers a lavish lifestyle.
My 5 Marla plot was in a new rising housing society that was yet to be constructed.

When I was in college, I became interested in Real Estate investment. One of our family friend multiple owned properties and used to boast or talk about the benefits all the time. The fact that the profit is halal and shoots to an immense level made me want to invest even more.

Throughout the University life, I’d secured a well-paying internship in a well-known company. I saved about 90% of my income while my fellow interns spent most of their new-found wealth on going out, clothes and gadgets. It’s not that I didn’t spend here and there, I just made saving first priority.

By the time I was ready to buy, the properties that I’d wanted were well out of my price range. Discouraged, I thought I’d never be able to own property in the neighborhood societies I’d grown up in and loved. I even considered buying something in rural area since prices were much more reasonable.

Then, one day while I was searching for properties online, I came across an advertisement for a new deluxe high-rise housing development society in GULBERG, Islamabad. Even though I had grown up in ISLAMABAD for most of my life, I was not familiar with the area of GULBERG. Honestly, at 23 years old, I had never been to the area, even when it was only 12 kilometers away from where I lived. Back then, it was just a place next to RAWALPINDI SADDAR with lots of promises.

5 Marla plot in GULBERG ISLAMABAD at its new development ranged from 20 lac to 24 lac, which was still a bit too expensive for a soon to be university graduate like me. However, much more affordable than the multi-family houses I had been searching to buy.

When I entered in GULBERG ISLAMABAD, I felt very calmed and peaceful because there was so much greenery all around. After crossing some GREEN Belts and Wide Road Network, I saw a grand under pass that provides traffic with a Signal Free Entry . It connects to a Red Bridge, which became a good plus point for me. As I visited in evening, the Red Bridge was presenting a very beautiful and modern view. I saw beautiful buildings in commercial area, with few international brands starting off, I felt very pleased. When I arrived at the Sales Office, they had many ongoing impressive plans and showed them to me. I immediately made my decision to secure my savings in the beautiful GULBERG.

After some detailed discussion on all the plots listed for sale, the only ones that I could barely “AFFORD” were the 5 Marla Plots. Knowing that I had to act fast to secure a place, I chose the lowest priced Plot available. I felt that it was a lucky time for me.

Finally, that time came in my life when I could proudly say  “YES I HAVE DONE MY FIRST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AND THAT TO IN GULBERG ISLAMABAD”.

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    November 23, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    Thank you For sharing this informative blog.
    Gulberg greens is a housing society located on Expressway Islamabad. Gulberg islamabad Farmhouse plots, Residencia plots and Gulberg Commercial plots for sale and purchase.


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