Life in a Farmhouse – A Dream Come True

A life in a farmhouse where there is plenty of greenery. Where I can grow organic crops and where I have ample of space for pets and farm animals seemed impossible for a city girl like me. Again since I’m used to the city life I thought living in distant areas away from modern living, where farmhouses are affordable would not be possible for numerous reasons.  The problem remains not just to me but also my three kids . As they are pretty much happy in their fancy lifestyle with best of education and all the entertainment they desire.

One day at my office I heard my colleagues admiring the beauty and infrastructure of Gulberg Islamabad. Since I wanted to make an investment, my curiosity made me visit Gulberg. The signal free entrance impressed me a lot and right from the elegant entrance I decided to consider investing here if it’s in my budget.

The sales office was very courteous with female majority to cater families and women like me. I thought I would be able to buy a house but to my surprise the farmhouses were very affordable… can you believe a low price farmhouse in Islamabad!!!

Well without a second thought I booked mine and when I brought my family, they were equally excite. My husband was impressed with the greenery and children were happy to see Froebels school as its there school’s branch here too.

My husband and I with the architecture designed a farmhouse with all the components we once could only dream of.

Today at my farmhouse we live happily. I and my kids grow organic plants and vegetables. My husband keeps his famous animals like dogs, hens and ducks at the backyard.

At Gulberg Greens I have a life close to nature – close to city life – close to my dreams

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