Keep Your Cool This Summer

Extreme heat makes us irritable, grumpy and snappy and also depresses some people!

Behavioral experts warn against making any important life decisions in uncomfortably hot weather. It is important to understand that while we are feeling testy, others are equally crabby under the same weather conditions. When the temperatures rise above 40 degree Celsius, the consequences reach beyond simple bodily discomfort to displeasing moods and minds too.

Hot and especially humid weather is associated with violent behavior, increased aggression and a lowering of the general mood. So since we cannot control the weather, the best way out is to make the most of what we can possibly control – our own mood and environments! Making the most of a bad situation is what differentiates the intelligent from the rest.

So, let us consider some cool ways to trick ourselves into feeling less hot!

Keep yourself hydrated
Everyone knows the importance of remaining hydrated. But try herb-infused water for a more interesting experience. Add fresh lemon, mint, basil, thyme, sage or rosemary leaves to a jug of water and keep drinking throughout the day. In simple words keep your body hydrated and bottle filled with detox water.

And for some additional information, almost every restaurant in China serves water at room temperature, straight from jugs that contain whole vegetables or fruits cut lengthwise – cucumbers, beetroot, oranges, lemon, strawberry or lime.

Replace alcohol in the evenings with drinks that by their very name and look help bring down the temperature several degrees. How about a Watermelon Chiller, an Orange Pomegranate Green Tea, Strawberry Lemonade or a Sparkling Lime Mint Margarita?

Nurture and make use of your homegrown plants
Just a glass jug of water with mint and basil leaves floating in it with sliced lemon can also create a cooling mirage. Drop in a few drops of lavender, rose or jasmine oil into it. Mist your face with a cooling spray. You can use floral scented sprays to keep your room freshly scented as well.

The scent of flowers helps cool the mind and calm down frayed tempers. Every morning or evening, try some gardening. Working with plants is extremely therapeutic and the water you spray on your plants will also help bring down the temperature in your courtyard or terrace.

And simply with food, give a break to regular hot meals, especially during the daytime. Go for extra helpings of cooling fruits, cold soups, cold cuts and salads. Be adventurous and try ever-new combinations. Throw in some sprouts, raisins, pomegranate or nuts for that extra healthy crunch.

Relaxing Exercise
Keep outdoor exercise limited to the cooler time of the day – early mornings or evenings. Choose the gym, yoga or swimming over strenuous outdoor exercise. Try breathing exercises and meditation. This will help you stay calm and in control. Yoga offers ways to deal with the heat too.

Keep a check on your temper and blood pressure .Sit in a spine-straight, comfortable position and do some deep breathing. Then stick out your tongue and roll it into a tunnel. Take in a long breath through that; draw in your tongue, close your mouth and keep your breath in for a while.

Now exhale slowly through your nose. Do this at least 8-10 times. Another variation is to clench your teeth and draw back your lips like a snarl.

Draw in a deep slow breath through your clenched teeth. Close your mouth. Hold and feel the breath cool your head and then breathe out in a long, slow breath through the nose.

Spend time indoors!
Watch the movies from your Bucket List; choose a genre and read through as many books as you can.

Listen to music and stay cool! (Lol) Close your eyes and imagine cool things – ice-cubes, snow on mountains, and a beautiful waterfall.

As the mind dwells on cool imagery, it sends signals to the body and the body temperature also comes down. (This is scientifically proven)

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