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If you are a professional investor, one thing that you know well is the profit and loss in your investment plan, and you know where to invest, and above all, you would definitely know that the best investment you may do is in real estate.

The real estate industry of the twin cities has taken a step forward as it introduces new housing societies and sectors, new highways and of course the new Islamabad International airport. The maximum hype has been grabbed by the societies that are built on Islamabad Expressway, as it is a signal free highway, connecting the twin cities and also connecting Islamabad or Rawalpindi to the outskirts of both the cities.

If you are an experienced investor, you know exactly where to invest, but if you are a newbie and want to invest in the real estate industry, one thing that we would like to advise you is that never invest on the projects that are already on their peak. Invest on the new projects. The reason is, you get a great margin of getting a huge profit back from the new projects instead of those that have been launched long ago. Its because the prices of the land in the old successful projects have already reached their maximum limit, and only a slight increase in the prices can be expected. While the prices of the new projects keep going high every now and then i.e. as soon as any new development happens, the prices go high. Overall, the investment trends in the real estate keep diverting every half a year.

There are certain factors that an investor sees in a plan when he/she wants to invest on that project. Amenities like schools, colleges, universities, roads and infrastructure, commercial and corporate areas of that projects, the basic life facilities like health, education, gas, electricity, road network, access to the main city, environment etc. are the points that appeal an investor the most, as these are the things that are going to increase the chances for an investor to generate more profit.

In the twin cities, the housing societies that have been developed on the signal free Islamabad Express Highway, or near New Islamabad International Airport are the main focus of investors these days.

Here we have jotted down a list of five top most beneficial housing societies in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, challenging each other in the run of staying on the top of the list, for an investor to invest in with an expectation of a great comeback.  

Gulberg Islamabad:

The housing society that goes to number 1 on the list is Gulberg Islamabad. Gulberg Islamabad has attracted a huge number of investors and the residents in last two years. The biggest reasons for it are:

  • It’s prime location of being situated on the main Islamabad Express Highway.
  • It’s a beautiful and serene environment.
  • Two main phases dedicated for the farmhouse and residential purposes, i.e.; Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia.
  • Signal free roads in the society.
  • High alert security system.
  • Fully walled and gated community.
  • Preference of the one of Pakistan’s corporate organization, Telenor, for it’s headquartered.
  • 5 main commercial areas.
  • The area dedicated for Islamabad’s biggest shopping mall.
  • Dedicated area for a clubhouse.
  • A dedicated area for educational institutions.
  • Beautiful lake to attract visitors.

These are the things that are enough for an investor to decide if he is going to invest in a plan or not. If a project offers all these facilities, there are a maximum number of chances for that project to generate twice the profit for the investor.

Bahria Town Phase 8:

Right next to DHA, Bahria town had launched it’s too new projects Bahria phase 7 and phase 8. Initially, Phase 8 couldn’t get much popularity because of the slow development process . But since 2013, Bahria phase 8 became popular in the investors when it has started new development. These new developments included:

  • A Theme Park
  • The Food Courts
  • TMUC
  • Orchard

These were the main points for Bahria Phase 8’s sudden popularity. The only backlash Bahria phase 8 is experiencing is its location that is a bit far away from the main twin cities. The rest, Bahria Phase 8 isn’t a bad option.DHA Phase II:DHA Phase II Islamabad is located in the famous Kahuta Triangle, on the center point of the Islamabad Expressway and the GT Road. Its head is at Rawat and it ends parallel to Soan River. DHA Phase 2 has a beautiful view having 4 entrances from both the expressway Islamabad and the GT Road.After the completion of Giga Mall aka the World Trade Centre Islamabad.

DHA Phase 2 has caught the eyes of many investors. The housing scheme which was previously being ignored due to the far-off location has now gained all the attraction due to the huge Giga Mall. The development gained pace in 2014-15 when more and more people started moving to DHA Phase 2. People prefer DHA due to the comfort and security it offers. We think, that DHA Phase 2, due to its ideal location and the valuable living can never be a waste of money. So we suggest it to be among the best housing schemes for investment.

Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave has the easiest access from Islamabad Expressway, Kashmir Highway, and the Lehtrar Road. It’s located near Chak Shahzad and the Park Road and Kuri Road.

It is the most luxuriously planned projects of Bahria Town in Islamabad and has a potential of an immense growth. Almost half of the development work has been completed and the rest is developing at a high pace. The land prices have almost doubled in the past two years and have greater chances to be increased even more by the end of this year. Both, the genuine buyers and the investors of the twin cities consider it the place for investments and residence.

Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a new project launched in order to help cater to the increased residential need of the twin cities. It is a unique housing plan, neighboring Islamabad Motorway (M2) exit, on a 5 minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. With a distance of 22 min drive from the centers of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Due to its ideal location, and world-class amenities, Capital Smart City has the potential to match the standards of all the housing schemes residing on the expressway Islamabad. The Square mall and the hotel is a great hook for the investors here as well . As we see nothing like such malls in the neighborhood of the new Islamabad International Airport. 

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