Here’s why you should be considering a farmhouse in your future

In a world of constant hustle-bustle, who wouldn’t want a piece of their own personal heaven?


With the increasing buzz of people, it is good and completely justified to want a little peace and quiet. It is even better if you own this piece of heaven because then it is accessible to you at any time of the day, month, and year. However, most farmhouses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not up for sale. Rather they are only available on leases that last a good decade or so. The only real estate project that is allowing residents of the twin cities to purchase their own farmhouse is Gulberg Islamabad.


The idea of owning or having a farmhouse has always been a part of the luxurious lifestyle. But it has only been recently that Gulberg has brought innovation to the game by introducing certain additional amenities. Firstly, the fact that Gulberg Islamabad changed the traditional idea of farmhouses by evolving it into a livable space year-round, much like a house. Secondly, the availability of water, electricity, and gas around the clock with backup options readily available is another app-laudable amenity.

However, there is a condition. Gulberg Islamabad requires the residents of farmhouses to leave about 80% of the land unconstructed and green. The rest of the 20% can be constructed and used according to the desires of the residents. Furthermore, the residents are allowed to keep animals and even indulge in a little gardening. This is where the condition comes in handy as it makes it possible for people to have a hobby .


Additionally, with the provision of a signal-free corridor, built and funded by Gulberg itself, the journey to any point in the twin cities is easily accessible. Located in CDA zone 4, Gulberg Greens is 16 km away from Blue Area, 12 km from Zero Point and Saddar, Rawalpindi. Meanwhile, it is 3 km away from Old Airport Chowk and 11 km from Rawat T Chowk.


Moving on, it is important to consider the sizes these farmhouses are available in Gulberg Islamabad; it ranges from 4 Kanals to 5 Kanals to 10 Kanals. All of these sizes are available at rates that are much cheaper than anywhere else in Pakistan. Thats another plus for the company. So, redefine your lifestyle with Gulberg Islamabad.

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