Weather forecast for the week

Monsoon has already hit Pakistan and the gulberg weather these days is pretty much unpredictable. Almost all the cities are under the monsoon rains these days. Where the continuous rains can be harmful, we can also make it beneficial for us by planting trees, as this weather is best for plantation. That’s why, Gulberg Islamabad has decided to run a plantation campaign, by the name of “Green Saviour”, this monsoon.

Here is the weather forecast of Islamabad for you, so you can stay safe, and plan your routine accordingly in this unpredictable weather.

DateClouds position Day/NightTemperature max/min
13th July, 2018-FridayPartly cloudy/T-Storms32 °/26 °
14th July, 2018-SaturdayAM T-Storms/T-Storms35 °/27 °
15th July, 2018-SundayAM T-Storms/T-Storms34 °/27 °
16th July, 2018-MondayPartly Cloudy/T-Storms34 °/26 °
17th July, 2018-TuesdayAM T-Storms/T-Storms33 °/26 °
18th July,2018-WednesdayIsolated T-Storms/T-Storms33 °/26 °
19th July, 2018-ThursdayT-Storms/T-Storms33 °/26 °
20th July, 2018-FridayT-Storms/Scattered T-Storms33 °/26 °

Gulberg weather

In Pakistan, whenever you get to see some rain, it can bring you the joy or a mess, both at the same time. If you are living in the mountainous regions, and you are lucky to have a proper cemented roads and streets, a rain would be a blessing to you, but if you are from plains, the rain can be a huge trouble unless you have a proper sewerage and drainage system.  So, monsoon in Pakistan actually tests your luck.

Rain in Islamabad is usually very much different from all the other urban parts of the country. It is green, it is beautiful, it is serene and it usually doesn’t have the water drainage problem either. But as the population of Islamabad city has been increasing lately, as more and more people are coming to Islamabad and getting settled here, Islamabad is gradually going to face these issues and in few years, it is probably going to be one of those cities where people wish not to see the rain.

Stay safe and plant maximum number of tress this monsoon, so you get mild rainfall the entire year, that doesn’t harm you.

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