Welcome to the official website of Gulberg Islamabad. Gulberg Islamabad is the perfect choice in terms of its location, price value, and the royal lifestyle. Gulberg Greens is offering farmhouses of sizes of 4, 5 and 10 Kanals. Gulberg Residencia whereas is offering residential plots of 5, 7, 10, 14 marlas & 1 and 2 Kanals.


Gulberg Greens is divided into four sectors with outstanding commercial projects. Such as Business square, Business Park, Civic Center and Blue Area. However Gulberg Residencia has its own commercial area called D Markaz.


Gulberg Islamabad particularly aims to deliver top class education. Furthermore, it visions to set an example beyond compare. Thus many leading educational institutes opened their branches including Roots Millennium and Frobels.


Equipped with security systems throughout the project to ensure safe living standards. It is a gated community with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Furthermore it is protected with highly trained and resourceful security staff, consistently patrolling the vicinity.


Above all mosques are the most important and extremely precious component. Hence four beautiful grand mosques are available in the society. Simultaneously mini market is available in each block.

Health Care

MBF has decided to develop a medical city, equipped with all the latest medical facilities. Moreover a 400 bed teaching hospital and nursing college are also under planning. Medical city will feature the country’s first therapeutic and recreational areas. Also there will be a cardiology center and an orthopedic center.


Wide roads with signal free entry present one of the most impressive features of the society; in result of which the society portrays a grand touch beside the ease of travelling across the town. Main Roads are 220 feet wide whereas service roads are 120 feet wide.

Plots For Sale Gulberg Residentia

 Gulberg Islamabad is envisioned in a way where nature’s boundless beauty meets every luxury you’d expect. It is everything you have always dream of. Gulberg Islamabad is pleasantly located amidst the lush greenery of Islamabad.

10 Kanal

Sr#Plot NameDetails and Price
1B-1Luxury Plots for special Clients on Special Price
2B-26Luxury Plots for special Clients on Special Price
3B-6514 Crore
4B-914 Crore
5B-8714.50 Crore
6B-7914.50 Crore
7B-7714.50 Crore
8D-35715 Crore

4 Kanal

Sr#Plot NameDetails and Price
1B-3556.40 Crore
2B-3566.40 Crore
3B-959.5 Crore
4C-2569.50 Crore
5C-2579.50 Crore
6C-2589.50 Crore
7C-2809.50 Crore

5 Marla

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetailIDMore Detail
AA20002142,500,000Near to Main Boulevard, Near to Park ,Non DevelopAA
AA51722173,000,000Non Develop, Park Face, Easy Access to Main Road, Prime LocationMS

7 Marla

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetailIDMore Detail
Cutting Area, Near to Park and Commercial
A Exe90817,500,000Non Develop, Near to Park and Masjid.MS
M277126,500,000Non develop, Second to corner.MSFor more detail please feel free to contact:
B14506500,000Non Develop, Prime LocationMS
C3110410,500,000Develop Possession, Masjid Facing , Easy Approach to West AvenueMS
H119107,500,000Semi Develop, Near to Main RoadMS
K17677,000,000Near to Park, Non Develop, Located on Prime LocationMS
K944366,500,000Non Develop, easy access to main roadMS
L4831312,000,000Develop Possession, Corner, Near to Masjid and Park.MS
P652307,000,000Cutting Area, Near to Park and MasjidMS
R624226,700,000Semi Develop, Corner, Easy Access to Park and MasjidMS
Vnon DevelopMS
V717186,200,000Semi Develop, Near to ParkMS
P588150,00,000Non developMS

10 Marla

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetailIDMore Detail
A5873216,000,000Corner ,Commercial Facing ,Park Facing ,Near to MosqueAA
A7034212,500,000Non Develop, Second to Corner, Near to Park, Masjid and CommunityMS
B752269,500,000Non Develop, Kanal facingContact:
B2048899,000,000Non Develop, Near to ParkMS
F46317,000,000Develop Possession, Near to Main Boulevard, Near to Park.MS
H21217,500,000Develop possession, Near to Masjid and parkMS
K132511,500,000Cutting Area, Back to Main RoadMS
L3002715,500,0004Marla Extra Land, Front Open, Develop PossessionMS
O13819,500,000Near to Main Road, Non Develop, Back to Park.MS
P313188,800,000Cutting Area, near to main Road, 60 Feet RoadMS
P33781537,000,000Near to Park and Masjid, Near to Main Road, Non DevelopMS
T4973010,400,000Develop Possession, Park Face, Corner, Near to schoolMS

1 Kanal

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetailIDMore Detail
A3842226,000,000develop Possession, Near Main Boulevard ,Near Park, Near MosqueAA
J61124,000,000Develop Possession, Near to D-Markaz, Ideal Location.MS
T990519,500,000Develop Possession, Back to Main RoadMS

2 Kanal

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetailIDMore Detail
A36373724,500,000Non Develop, Back to Main Road
B252BLW27,000,000Non develop, Near to Main Road


14 Minutes

from Abpara Market

15 Minutes

from Rawat T-junction

Easy Road Access

Vast road connectivity and access from prominent areas of the capital.

3 Minutes

from Islamabad Airport Chowk

10 Minutes

from Zero Point


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