Gulberg Islamabad

It has a location map is shown right below. It is situated on the main Expressway, Islamabad.

Gulberg Islamabad is a residential housing society.  It is a society which has won an award from the Rawaslpindi Chamber of Commerce for the best development the following year.


It is awarded this prestigious award due to the development process in Gulberg Islamabad is on the fastest track. And almost 80 percent area of Gulberg is Green. While Gulberg Residencia’s development has already been completed in a very short span of time, beating many other housing societies of the twin cities. The rest of the 20%  of Gulberg Greens and 30-40% area of Gulberg Residencia’s is under rapid development and are expected to be developed in near future.

Over 300 farmhouses have been built in Gulberg Greens , and many houses of Gulberg Residencia have their residents have settled in , enjoying a luxurious living. Gulberg Islamabad is the only housing society of Pakistan that provides you with a luxurious living without compromising on your well beings demand of natural greenery.

 An experience of a ‘city within a city’ with a complete range of community-enhancing lifestyle activities and events. Gulberg Islamabad also provides a distinctive retail offering easy walk-able  and air-conditioned blend of retail, fine dining and café options. Its not just a living, its “THE LIVING”.

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