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The unmatched stature of Gulberg Islamabad as the complete new lifestyle within the capital is a master in town planning and development. Across Pakistan, Gulberg Islamabad is by far the best-incorporated community that has been planned to maintain a balance between quality of life & living the factors of development & functionality.

Living a luxury lifestyle means enjoying the best the world has to offer. It is a lifestyle that encompasses all areas of life, from the environment to the highest standards of living. Gulberg Islamabad showcases such a lavish life by comprising in itself luxury farmhouses, smaller residential units, sports, and socializing clubs, malls 5-star hotels and a lot more with a  complimentary peaceful green environment.

Green Living

Gulberg Islamabad society is based on the philosophy of green and serene environment. Here a great emphasis has been placed upon natural and clean surrounding to keep human being healthy and to maintain the natural habitat. Therefore the 80% of the land of the farmhouses is to grow trees, plants and flower plants, whereas the solid building structure is limited to be built on the other 20% and this has been developed and maintained as a society law. Further to maintain this cause Parks, Lakes and Green belt network has been sustained. These features of Gulberg Greens, distinguish Gulberg Islamabad from other societies

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80% Green Area



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Sustainable Approach To Life

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