Worldclass Infrasructure

Building sustainable & concrete future

Keeping the environment green without interrupting the infrastructure is what Gulberg Islamabad aims for. Gulberg Islamabad’s infrastructure is designed by keeping the comfort of the residents as a first priority in mind.
A huge network of wide roads, including Gulberg Express Way, a 12 lane road, with the width of 220ft, provides a signal-free and hustle-free drive to the residents, is one of the most prominent features of the society. An underpass has been built on main Islamabad Express Way to ease the residents of Gulberg and all the other travelers in connecting twin cities and to enter/exist the society.
As Pakistan is going through a major electricity crisis, Gulberg Islamabad is consuming solar power at its max by placing solar power street lights in the society. Underground Sui gas lines and a water reservoir tank in every block ensures the uninterrupted water and gas supply.

Gulberg Islamabad has its own electricity grid station that provides a nonstop power supply to the residents. There is a proper network of underground drainage and sewerage lines in Gulberg that keeps the environment clean. CCTV cameras and more than 500 security staff members are dedicated to ensure a 24/7 high-alert security to the residential and commercial area.

Uninterrupted Electricity

Enjoy uninterrupted electric supply at Gulberg Islamabad

With 132 KV dedicated grid station, Gulberg offers its residents a great amenity of uninterrupted electricity power supply with underground electricity supply. 132 KV IESCO Grid Station, Underground utility wiring, Solar Powered Street Lamps, Dedicated power transformers

Sui Gas

Enjoy uninterrupted Sui Gas supply at Gulberg Islamabad

Roads & Bridge Network

220 Feet Wide Roads, Signal free entry with 12 lane exclusive Gulberg Expressway ensures a very concrete and state of the art Road Network.


Gulberg Islamabad, Well gated community with 24/7 security.

Water & Drainage

Considering the needs of its community, Gulberg is implement its best work force on developing the concrete water reservoir and distribution system

Beautification & Amenities

Word Class Standard

of living & working

  • Uninterruptible Electric Supply
  • 24/7 Security & Monitoring
  • Calm & Work-Friendly Environment
  • Extensive Infrastructure
  • Easy Transportation

Ideal Location in Islamabad

100-200% increase in value within a year

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