Greener Future

80% Greener & 100% Healthier

Gulberg Islamabad was planned with an utter decision of “No compromise
on the natural beauty” and the decision is still consistent. With the passage
of time, as the development process has paced up, it has always been
ensured that the infrastructure shouldn’t become an obstacle in the way
of a green and healthy society.

80% of the entire area has been kept green and an agroforestry staff of
more than 500 people are dedicated to take care of the greens in the
society. Gulberg Islamabad has dedicated nurseries to produce all the
fruit bearing trees, evergreen trees and flowers and thick green grass
beds. A lot of fruit bearing and evergreen trees like olives, mangos,
figs, grapes, peaches, palm, dates and pine trees have been implanted
in the society to provide you with the best scenery for your sight, pure
air to inhale and delicious and fresh fruits for your taste buds.

Fruits & Flowers

Real Pictures of Greenery From Gulberg

Word Class Standard

of living & working

  • Uninterruptible Electric Supply
  • 24/7 Security & Monitoring
  • Calm & Work-Friendly Environment
  • Extensive Infrastructure
  • Easy Transportation

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