4 Services to Improve Well-being at your Property

Growth in population and infrastructure has confirmed that people from small towns and villages find a place in big cities. A good number of people from smaller towns are used to living in homes that have a lawn, a veranda, a compound filled with greenery, basically open spaces. They desire a similar touch to their homes when they migrate to cities in search of their careers. Hectic work schedules have given rise to escalating stress levels, and add to that, congested traffic situations and increasing pollution levels, all these make for a very stress filled and chaotic life. Home owners look forward to stay in a setting that calms their minds and eases these stress levels properties with open spaces and required services provide the perfect solution.

Few of these facilities have been introduced in Gulberg Islamabad.

1. Public Transportation

Getting to and from work can be a problem. But if your property is located in a big city, chances are at least some of your tenants are using public transport to get to work. Feature a virtual transportation kiosk that features train and bus times, and shows a map that highlights nearby rideshares and routes within the society. Such accesses help in facilitating the residents in travelling easily firstly within the huge compound and then secondly for the guests or the outsiders to locate the place in such a huge compound. Similarly these kiosks can also provide a spot for a pick and drop service.

2. Full-Service Gym and Spa

Every property claims to have a gym, but does a four-walled, lifeless room with three cardio machines and a rack of weights counts? These days, the modern workforce is looking for boutique services. A classic gym can differentiate from a regular gym into a fitness club by adding on a spa, complete with a sauna or a swimming pool. These facilities are minor ones but bring positive impact on the well being of the residents.

3. Rooms for Mindfulness

These facilities go beyond a typical gym. Nap pods, meditation rooms or technology-free reflection spaces give employees a much-needed break from the daily grind to unwind in any way they choose.
Here like Gulberg Islamabad we focus mainly on the recreational activities and development. Gulberg Islamabad is also promoting this feature by adding green to the grey infrastructure. The lush green parks and walking spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the traffic is another starring idea to cater to.

4. Common Spaces

Such as the social lounges, sport complexes, family clubs, cinemas and a lot more is an important feature. While tenants are enjoying a meal or spending time off the clock, make sure they have the space to do it.
Create a sense of community and spice up open spaces by turning them into courtyards – inside or outside – with picnic tables, fountains, and even casual games such as corn hole, Fosse ball, table tennis etc. Add in art exhibits from local artists to add pops of color on the walls. These spaces can be utilized in small Gig sessions . It can also create incubation centers for youth to connect their creative minds with each other and progress within a free environment.

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